And ACTION – Lasershow

And ACTION – Lasershow

After a long time and break making movies today i come back with a first visual spectacle light artwork. I am a total fan of light arts and do a lot playing with lasers and do scientific research of laser applications in medicine.

I work with lasers on board of our new (old) tiny 10m expedition sailing yacht now in Germany. Last time i had the chance to record two huge visual spectacles in my home area and published a short light art movie. Its an amazing laser beam show over a lake and the final firework of the Kiel sailing week 2022.

Specially i love the drone swarm operation at Kiel firework to paint a label ‘KIWO’ – means KIelerWOche in the sky. What i play with – is to mount additionally lasers on my drones. Anyway have fun to watch the free simple movie and enjoy the beautiful laser show now.

Some words on the reason i was so long quite with movie work. Most important was my law case and situation on Crete in Greece where i faced a legal battle because of accused treasure hunting and sinking of our former sailing yacht in Chania. Both bad and fatal experiences but with good luck closed now.

I will come up soon with a detailed report what really happened with me in Greece ~ five years ago. Anyway i am ready to make my new explorations into art, science and medicine with our new (old) sailing yacht called “Vision”.

Skipper Stephan Stahl

Final Firework Kiel Sailing Week 2023

Go to the Lasershow video on youtube by clicking on the pics below!

I recorded another huge Lasershow at Travemünde Lichterfest Saturday, 24.SEP.2022 in Germany.

Click on the images below and you will be directed to the full video on Youtube!

For another camera view of the same Lasershow in Travemünde please click on the pictures below to be directed to Youtube!

Next some more pictures from the latest Lasershow at Scharbeutz, Germany, 2023…

Some pictures from Sailing Demonstration against the idea and planning of a National Marine Park around Island of Fehmarn, Germany,demo3830.html

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