Come Sailing and Diving with us in Greece

Come Sailing and Diving with us in Greece

Welcome on board of our sailing yacht “Contentious Eagle” in the Aegean Sea of Greece.

Come as guest and leave as friend. During adventure summer season to end of November we do a lot of sailing and diving in the Aegean Sea of Greece.

We operated shortly the “Eagle” a 33 feet (10m) old styled cruiser sailing yacht as our adventure sailing cruising platform. The skipper is a marine biologist and scientist, professional scuba diver and film maker using the yacht for researching marine medicine topics and doing adventure film making, which means that our “Eagle” is a tiny lab equipped with all diving stuff like compressors, scuba tanks and lab devices for marine research, aerial and underwater film making in 4K/UHD.

Our boat offers two guest sleeping places and two for the crew called skipper and assistant. The boat is very safe and fully equipped with radar, sonar, echo, radio, several chart plotters, auto-pilot and all required security devices and of course is technically in very good condition. Diesel engine comes 5 years ago brand new. Additionally we have attached a 4.3m Zodiac with a brand new 15hp outboard engine for taxing and all the diving operations. All sails are controllable from the cockpit like modern roll-fock genua and main sail. It is a classical boat but very safe in ruff seas with average speed between 5 to 7 knots under engine and also when only sailing.

Our actual operation area is around the islands of the Aegean Cyclades mainly from Syros, Paros, and Naxos, Ios, Milos and around Chania on Crete because there we have some very interesting and exiting beaches and ship wrecks for diving. Also are Paros and Naxos islands the top destination for diving and kite-surfing in Greece with a dream-like beaches.

We welcome you as a professional diver wants to go with us for the most exciting ship wrecks in Greece waters or only want to sail to remote dream beaches for swimming or relaxing.

The good thing in the Cyclades and on Crete is that you can reach many island harbors and marinas on different islands just in view hours or max full day by sailing or motoring, means every night you can have fresh food, night life or simply a hot sweet water shower. Shopping and food is excellent on all mayor islands of the Cyclades and Crete, specially more south on Santorin, Milos and Crete in Chania.

Find out more on the next pictures and pages… by the way we speak native German but English is well nice on board too. If you are more than two people and want to come with us, maybe no problem because we share some boat capacities with other yacht’s join us. Ask for more possibilities.. Simply contact me via email:  Mobile phone / whatsapp: +491738651238

Balos lagune. You will never forget this dreamlike place.

Skipper and diver “Stephan”   

Dive expert Stephan at the compressor for filling the scuba tanks.

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Aegean Sea with the islands of the Cyclades and down south to Crete.

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