Loss of our sailing yacht

We are very sad to explain that we have lost our beloved sailing yacht “Contentious Eagle” in February 2019 due to a strong storm in Chania on Crete, Greece.

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With the sailing yacht in our film we wanted on the one hand to continue searching and researching for substances for anticancer therapy and on the other hand to offer guests such as patients and other scientists the opportunity to sail along on our trips and go diving with us for pure participation in expenses. We had set up a small diving centre and a biologic laboratory on the boat.

In February this year our sailing yacht, shortly the “Eagle”, sank completely in a very heavy winter storm in the old Venetian harbour of Chania on Crete in Greece.

The damages to the boat and its equipment are fatal and mean a total loss for us. We lost the boat and our laboratory completely due to this natural disaster.

But that was not the only setback!

Already on August 22, 2017 the skipper and filmmaker Stephan Stahl came with the boat into a dramatic development and trouble for our projects – a real nightmare happened.

Due to a mishap and due to missing information in the nautical charts, the boat was arrested by the Greek coast guard during a diving excursion near Chania, confiscated and Stephan accused of illegal diving operations based on ancient treasures. The case is closed and we have get only loosing the boat and equipment.

In summary, I was accused of being a treasure hunter and would use the boat to steal ancient treasures in the Aegean. The biggest nonsense I’ve ever been accused of !

Our published film should also clarify what we really did with the boat. A several year survival trip to heal our souls and help patients suffering from cancer. Searching for marine plant and animal species with potential to treat cancer in the Med. Sea.

On our sailing and diving adventures we have made many international friends and learned how survival works. We want to continue our work and adventures and need a new boat and laboratory…

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